K-12 Education

J. E. Kingham is a leader in K-12 construction in Texas having completed over 100 K-12 projects while working as a Construction Manager At Risk for 47 Independent School Districts. Our projects are not necessarily big or small, and through the years we have enhanced our relationships where we can work for the smaller 1A district that wants to build a 5,000 sf classroom addition, or manage the construction of a $52,000,000.00 bond program with multiple buildings and renovations like the one we completed for Nacogdoches I.S.D. Kingham believes that its commitment to teamwork is responsible for its unblemished record of past successes while building schools. The very nature of our approach integrates the owner’s team, design team, and construction team from the inception of a project. This process enhances coordination between team members, creates an atmosphere of partnership and ensures that your district receives the best possible value.

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