Construction Management

  • Coordination and Communication
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Control
  • Scheduling
  • Job Site Safety

Design Build:

  • Collaborative Decision Making
  • Commitment
  • Reduce Schedule Delays
  • Reduce Total Project Costs
  • Inventive Design Solutions

General Contracting:

  • Self Perform
  • Experience and Professionalism

Construction Management

Since Kingham began performing CM in the late ’70’s, the company has completed more than 470 separate CM projects for clients, with 98% completed under the Guaranteed Maximum Price, 98% completed within the schedule and 70% are repeat clients for a total value of $1,600,000,000.00 (One Billion Six Hundred Million Dollars.

J. E. Kingham Construction is fully committed to meeting the challenge of providing the best pre-construction services possible, for however long it takes until an acceptable Guaranteed Maximum Price is established and the first spade of dirt is turned on site. Value engineering, life cycle costing, conceptual and preliminary estimating, constructibility reviews, marketing the project to the sub contractor community, cash flow projections and scheduling will be the central focus of the company’s efforts. At the conclusion of the pre-construction phase, the company will establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price including a written statement of the basis.

Design / Build Services

J. E. Kingham design and build teams are integrated, interacting by using collaborative decision making rather than the hierarchical approach that is characteristic of most other project delivery methods. Traditionally structured projects typically require that the design professional first determine his or her approach, and then require contractors to bid on that approach.

J. E. Kingham’s approach to design/build is for the building team to have input from the very start on what may normally be considered basic design decisions. For instance, we will focus as much on how the project will be built as on what should be built. This collaborative process allows decisions to be made more quickly. work to begin sooner and questions that arise during construction to be resolved more expediently as well as allow for cost saving value along the way.

General Contracting

With more than a century of experience in the construction business, J. E. Kingham has completed general contracting projects involving practically every type of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Performing as a general contractor, the company is able to utilize its expertise and self perform many construction disciplines such as site work, foundations, concrete structures, steel structures and rough and finish carpentry.

Even though general contracting is purported to promote an adversarial relationship among the participants, J. E. Kingham’s relationships, while working as a general contractor, have remained strong and dependable. Regardless of the delivery type that you feel is best suited for your building, you can depend on the experience and professionalism of J. E. Kingham to support the project and ensure its success.



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