A History Built on Values

photo_eaSince 1895, the company known today as J. E. Kingham Construction has existed uninterrupted as a family construction firm committed to quality and integrity. January 20, 1920, E. A. Kingham joined his uncle, H. C. Hatchl, in the construction business to form the partnership of Hatchl & Kingham. A quarter century later, the company name became E. A. Kingham Building Contractor. In 1948, Mr. Kingham was joined in the business by his son, J. E. Kingham, who had completed service in World War II and the name soon became E. A. Kingham & Son Building Contractors. When E. A. Kingham retired in 1955, J. E. Kingham Construction Company became the company name and remains so today.

By the 1960’s, J. E. Kingham Construction Company had earned a reputation as a quality builder, constructing schools, churches, factories, banks, hospitals and other commercial buildings throughout East Texas. In addition to a growing company, J. E. Kingham and his wife, Beth, also had a growing family. Four sons-Jim, Tom, John and Bob-each went to work for the company at an early age as common laborers until each son showed the responsibility and capability to move up to the next level of work.

Today, John serves the company as president , while Bob serves as vice-president. John and Bob also serve as superintendents in charge of all field operations.

photo_jeQuality. Innovation. Responsibility. Integrity. These are values that not only build strong families, they build strong companies. These are the values that are the heritage of the J. E. Kingham Construction Company and guide the firm in every project undertaken.

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