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A Few Words About Us

J. E. Kingham Construction Company has been in the construction business for more than a century.

The company was born as and continues to be a family business, under the management and field direction of brothers John, Bob and Jim Kingham. The company has completed hundreds of construction projects valued at more than two billion dollars.

Company Profile

Since 1895, the company known today as J. E. Kingham Construction has existed uninterrupted as a family construction firm committed to quality and integrity. January 20, 1920, E. A. Kingham joined his uncle, H. C. Hatchl, in the construction business to form the partnership of Hatchl & Kingham. A quarter century later, the company name became E. A. Kingham Building Contractor. In 1948, Mr. Kingham was joined in the business by his son, J. E. Kingham, who had completed service in World War II and the name soon became E. A. Kingham & Son Building Contractors. When E. A. Kingham retired in 1955, J. E. Kingham Construction Company became the company name and remains so today.

Our Mission

Quality. Innovation. Responsibility. Integrity.

These are values that not only build strong families, they build strong companies. These are the values that are the heritage of the J. E. Kingham Construction Company and guide the firm in every project undertaken.

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